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Upcoming Grower Meeting

How can we collectively combat fruit fly across the Riverland?

An ‘Ahead of the Curve‘ event for growers and industry is being held on Thursday 7th December at the Barmera Function Centre and SIT facility Barmera.
This event is not for the general community but is focused on helping growers with early information in preparation for next year.
Recently, the Fruit Fly Response Program has engaged a data analyst to collate data for the Fruit Fly Program and help PIRSA understand trends and predictions for 2024 and where we can create greater impact from our collective efforts. From this work, data trends suggest that fruit fly outbreaks will begin to increase in Jan 2024 and peak in March 2024.
This meeting is an opportunity to strengthen our efforts during December 2023 and have a chance at reducing the outbreak data curve next year.
The meeting will have a focus on the Sterile Insect Technology as an integrated tool; how it is being used to combat fruit fly and how it works best when we are increasing efforts on the ground.
Starting at 10am with presentations and discussions followed by a tour of the SIT facility.
Speakers will be the new PIRSA Fruit Fly Response Program Incident Controller, Con Poulos and Dr Katharina Merkel, Fruit Fly Program, Senior Entomologist and PIRSA Industry Partners co-presenting, Jason Size (Summerfruit SA) and Mark Doeke (Citrus SA).
Please share far and wide with your networks and note that as the meeting site is a biosecurity facility, we will require RSVP to 
We will share highlights with our Riverland community post the meeting.  
Please contact Peter Rattray, Riverland Fruit Fly Coordinator, email:  or Arkellah Irving, Senior Engagement Advisor, email:  for further enquiries.
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