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Australian Summer Stonefruit Industry Facts

Australian Summer Stonefruit is produced by about 1,200 growers in 26 regions across the country. Production has risen by approximately 25% over the last decade with growers producing over 100,000 tonnes of fruit from October to April each year.

Early season’s bounty comes from sub-tropical Queensland and northern areas of Western Australia and New South Wales and are followed by crops from areas in mid to southern New South Wales and Western Australia, parts of Victoria like Swan Hill and the Riverland of South Australia. Fruit from cooler climates are last to market.

Renmark, Swan Hill and Goulburn Valley (Shepparton and Cobram) constitute more than 50% of production.

Tasmania produces all home-grown apricots harvested in mid January to February.

Supply of summer stonefruit is based on a staggered flow of different varieties, each lasting only a week or two which means there is a fresh, new variety at green grocers and supermarkets each week.

Summer stone fruits are rich in vitamins A, C and E and a great source of dietary fibre and potassium.

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